No Upfront Fees

Access Your Home Equity Early

Get early access to funds with your home’s equity for your needs.

Stay and Sell

Stay in the comfort of your own home after we buy it from you. You can repurchase your home or pay us rent.


  Access your equity without moving out

  You can repurchase your home during your lease

  Customized contracts for your needs

  Funded within 22 days

No Upfront Fees

Unlike our competitors, you will have zero upfront fees! 

  No upfront fees like our competitors

  No hidden fees

  No fees to buy your home back

“See What Our Customers Say About Us”

“Home Hitch helped us gain extra funds for an unexpected emergency. When shopping around, they are the only company who did not add extra fees on top of their service”

Bob O'Connell

“We are REALLY glad to have contacted Home Hitch. It was nice to take some of the equity of our homes out early to pay for some upgrades and expenses. “
Sharron Jones

“Thank you guys so much, you helped with my mother’s medical bills, I cannot express enough gratitude for helping us out!”

Michelle & Patsy Durist

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